Companies call on me to teach them how to position their innovative products in ways that customers intuitively understand.

1 or 2 Day Sessions — Context, Positioning and Helping Customers Understand New Products

Applying a set of templates that have been tested with thousands of companies, you will leave the workshop with a blueprint for setting context for your current and future products that will make their value intuitively obvious to your best prospects. I teach teams a framework for understanding how customers make sense of new products. We will explore the three fundamental ways that new products are framed within a market, how to use each one, and risks and benefits of each. These sessions are fast-paced, interactive, and challenging. Sessions can be a single day or expanded to 2 days to cover specific positioning challenges in specific markets.

Custom Sessions

Has a new competitor entered your market and shaken things up? Do you have an important new technology that potentially re-defines the market? Have you made an acquisition that changes the way customers should think about your product? I frequently works with companies that are facing a very specific positioning challenge and will custom design a session from the ground up to work through the issues with your team.

Most consultants tell you what you want to hear. April tells you what you never wanted to hear but know is right. Then she helps you become what your customers can’t live without.

Sandy Scott

Principal, Mistral Venture Partners

April’s experience and expertise is obvious to anyone who has had the pleasure of working with her. She has a knack for breaking down complex market strategy challenges and finding solutions.

Michelle McBain

Investment Director — Investment Accelerator Fund, Mars Discovery District

April is a product positioning expert. She identifies solutions to market strategy problems with ease. Don’t keep banging your head against the wall. April has done it so that you won’t have to.

Benjamin Alarie

Co-founder and CEO, Blue J Legal

April’s encyclopedic knowledge of the positioning strategies and tactics of tech companies, and how they frame context for other products, places her amongst the most sought-after talents in marketing today.

David McIninch

VP Marketing, Jobber

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